Pura Cat Litter 10kg

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Pura Cat Litter 10kg


  • Pura Premium Clumping Ultra Cat Litter - 5 Kg Super Absorbent & Optimum Odor Control.
  • Natural Color and earthen aroma guarantee pets acceptance.
  • Processed and dried under the sunlight at atmospheric conditions without artificial superheating.
  • Dust free and optimum granulometry. Does not support bacterial life. Satisfies cat's instincts.
  • Very economical, easy to carry, use and dispose off.

FEATURES: Instant flat & compact clumps Less consumption Processed from selected Bentonite Processed from Finest Bentonite

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Pour the required quantity in the litter box. Gradually replace the existing product by introducing

PURA Place the litter box in a private or semi-private place. Allow thw cat to get accustomed to PURA Dispose off only the soiled clumps, continue to use remaining and clean the tray periodically


Product Weight 10 Kg
Brand Glenand
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