First Meo Tuna Dice Cat Treats 40g

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First Meo Tuna Dice Cat Treats 40g

First Meow is a customized nutrition solution. Prepared in the form of a scrumptious and healthy treat with zero fillers, Use as a training treat. We love giving treats to our cats as it is a way for us to bond with them. This contains essential nutrients so that the cat's health is not compromised. The recommended amount of treats is given below:
Small cats (2-3 kg) - 5-7 treats.
Medium cats (3-5 kg) - 7-9 treats.
Large cats (>5 kg) - 9-11 treats.
Contains Tuna, poultry meat,
Vegetable protein, glycerine, sorbitol, corn starch & salt.

Product Weight 40 Gms
Brand First Meo
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